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Korva Labs is an analytical testing and research laboratory focused on the advancement of anti-doping science. We provide a wide array of anti-doping services to clients worldwide. These services include full-service sports anti-doping programs, workplace drug screening, anti-doping research and consultation on anti-doping matters.


Korva Labs works with hundreds of athletes, organizations and Professional and Olympic Teams worldwide.

Elite Customized Anti-Doping Monitoring

Our Elite Customized Anti-Doping Monitoring Program includes everything in our Athlete Passport Monitoring Program (see below If applicable to your Sport) PLUS

  • Customized, private (internal) collection and testing program.
  • Collections of blood and urine with a frequency customized to your needs.
  • All collections are randomly scheduled from the perspective of the athlete with no advance notice
  • Biomarker tracking in blood and urine.
  • Direct detection of prohibited substances found on the most current version of the WADA list of prohibited substances and methods
  • Contact us to discuss your program and pricing

Biomarker analysis can includes:

  • Blood cell testing focusing on Hematocrit, Mean Cell Volume, Reticulocyte cell count, Hb mass, Off score and other standard blood test parameters used in the sport; and
  • Blood serum testing for FSH, LH, and hGH; and
  • Urinalysis of an athlete’s endogenous steroids

Athlete Passport Monitoring Program

This is our basic program and is restricted to teams and persons with Data collected in ADAMS. This is a very affordable option for teams who would like to start with a very efficient program without spending too much money.

  • Daily monitoring of the ADAMS profile of the athlete
  • Timely and comprehensive reports
  • A detailed analysis is provided within 3 days of the discovery of an anomaly
  • Quarterly reports are provided if there are no concerns
  • Helps keep your sponsors and stakeholders satisfied and secure
  • US$1000 per athlete per year

Event Testing

Customized Event Day Testing that includes:

  • Standard “WADA” style collections and testing of a set number of competitors at specific events
  • Biomarker pre-screening of competitors
  • A custom program combining multiple approaches designed to best fit the needs of the event and its budget
  • Competitive pricing based on needs and number of events

Expert Consulting and Educational Services

  • Review, opinion and general consultation on anti-doping matters.
  • Educational presentations for your athletes, teams and other stakeholders
  • Phone and email consultation available

Past and Current Clients


Korva Labs is pushing the advancement of anti-doping science. We do so with ongoing innovative research and state-of-the-art equipment. Some of our research interests include: biomarker analysis of whole blood, serum and urine, development of direct detection procedures, and population analysis directed at a priori distributions.



GC/MS stands for gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. GC/MS provides identification of the target compound(s) based on characteristic fragmentation patterns at specific retention times. Korva Labs uses GC/MS for the detection of most banned substances in urine. GC/MS is particularly important in evaluating endogenous steroid profiles.


LC/MS/MS stands for liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry. LC/MS/MS provides identification of the target compound(s) based on characteristic parent/daughter ion fragmentation patterns at specific retention times. When liquid chromatography is suitable for separation of compounds, LC/MS/MS can provide significantly greater sensitivity than GC/MS. Korva Labs employs LC/MS/MS for the identification of substances in “white powders” – such as when certification of dietary supplements – and for certain compounds in urine where GC/MS is not sufficient.

Gel Electrophoresis

Gel Electrophoresis is a technique used to examine large molecules, such as most proteins and glycol-proteins. Gel Electrophoresis involves the separation of compounds on the basis of their mass, followed by immunofluorescence detection. Korva Labs uses Gel Electrophoresis primarily in Epogen and hGH analysis.


There are a variety of Immunoassay techniques employed by Korva Labs. Each involves the binding of a target compound in a non-separated sample to an antigen with high specificity. Korva Labs utilizes immunoassay techniques primarily as a screen assay for “drugs of abuse.”


Supplement and Other Customized Testing

Custom analysis of supplements or other material for the purpose of establishing the existence or absence of a contaminating prohibited substance.

Expert Consulting and Education

Review, opinion and general consultation on analytical results.

  • Conferences
  • School Appearances
  • Educational Presentations for Pro Athletes and Stakeholders
  • Educational Presentations for Workers
  • Litigation Support
  • Same (or next day) Q & A Support via phone or email
Korva Labs is a fully capable workplace screening management service.
Each program is individually customized to your company’s needs.

Mobile Screening

Korva Labs will come to your place of work and screen employees on site, saving your company valuable time and money.

Mass Spectrometry Confirmations

State of the art high-resolution confirmation through GC/MS or LC/MS/MS.

Results Management

Korva Labs will completely customize Results Management to suit your company’s needs. We are a turnkey solution to protecting your workplace and will completely manage your customized program.

Screen Results Within Minutes

Screen negatives and presumptive positives are available within minutes – helping to limit any exposure to liability your company may face from employees under the influence.

Customization of Program

Korva Labs can fully customize your company’s program to suit your needs. We can test for a wide range of substances of abuse, including alcohol and all illicit substances. Steroid testing is also available if needed. The frequency and nature of testing is customized to your needs.


Korva Labs represents decades of experience in the cutting edge of sports anti-doping testing and results management, and as such your company will receive a quality and sensitivity of testing unavailable through other workplace testing programs.

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